Expert multi-media professional with a proven track record of exceeding company expectations and top-ranked skills in management, production, marketing and online media.  Compassionate and inspiring leader with proficiency within the non-profit industry and awarded call-to-action results.


• PR & Advertising • Marketing & Sales • Media Relations • Content Development • Website Development • Social Media Outreach • Search Engine Management (SEO) • Broadcast Journalism • Voice Over/Storytelling • Video Production • Program Management • Team Leadership/Management • Nonprofit & Fundraising Management


Video and Multimedia Editor/Producer 2011 – Present

Editorial Production Manager, Voice Talent and Writer 2012 – Present

Microsoft MSN & Bing | Bellevue, WA

• Managed the editorial direction for 16 original shows – creating and producing high-quality video content achieving over 12 million video views on monthly basis, with a peak at 15+ video streams.  Video samples:

• Collaborated with production team to ensure the creation and maintenance of high quality video content on MSN and BING websites – managing topic selection and production of content.

• Acted as editorial advocate, thought leader and steward of the MSN voice – speaking out in support of clarity, consistency, quality and editorial best practices across MSN.

• Developed real-time data collection and analysis for supporting internal and partner strategies.


Founder/ Owner 2011 – Present

Mogul Media Minds | Greater Seattle Area

• Established Mogul Media to provide strategic media direction of business owners and non-profit leaders.

• Successfully gain clientele exposure on shows such as TODAY show, Inside Edition and CNN by utilizing branding and marketing strategies based on background story collaborations.

• Provide an outlet of multi-media and outreach solutions to enhance brand presence such as web development, graphics/ logo branding, pitches and press releases.


Founder/ Owner 2007 – Present

Child United | International

• Pioneered “Child United” to empower the poorest children in developing worlds to lead themselves, family and surrounding community out of poverty and into an improved lifestyle – achieving national and local recognition for charitable efforts provided such as:

o Congressional Medal of Honor ‘Citizen Before Self’ Award Finalist

o Youth Leadership Award

o Top Contributor of the Asian Community

• Develop and maintain marketing aspects such as website development, outreach collateral and branding.

• Oversee team of directors and volunteers to ensure efficient performance on raising organization awareness.


Web Content Producer 2007 – 2011

Tribune Broadcasting | Greater Seattle Area

• Managed web and online content – creating websites associated with Q13 FOX such as news, Washington Most Wanted, sports and franchise associates.

• Developed marketing strategies utilizing search engine optimization, social media outreach and web content development and management.


Sales Market Leader/ Sr. Acct. Executive 2005 – 2007

HouseValues Inc. | Kirkland, WA

• Achieved three promotions within first year – Sr. Account Executive (Aug. 2005), Associate Team Lead (Oct. 2005) and Sales Market Leader (June 2006).

• Provide sales leadership of business generation within San Francisco and Sacramento markets.

• Maintained and/or exceeded sales quota for 11 months in 2006, on average 115% over quota for the year.

• Conducted mentorship of team members to ensure sales increase, and maintained motivation of achieving monthly goals utilizing developed contests.


Television Anchor/ Reporter 1998 – 2005

KGW Portland OR – FOX40 Sacramento CA – WKOW Madison WI – KEPR Tri-Cities WA

• Acted as TV anchor – developed and reported live coverage of latest news content.

• Successfully maintained #1 network ratings as content and production manager.

• Oversaw production team – maintain schedules, public relations contacts and content editing.


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Bachelor of Arts: Communications and American Ethnic Studies, 1998

University of Washington, Seattle WA


Christine has been recognized for her passion to help children and their families overseas in developing countries.



March 2011 – Congressional Medal of Honor finalist for their ‘Citizens Before Self Award.’  The honor was given to only 20 people in America.  Christine was the only one from Washington State in 2011 to be honored for her service.


“Umayam has helped thousands of the poorest children, who are susceptible to sex trafficking and child labor, by sponsoring children who want to learn, building learning centers and sending educational supplies abroad.  Christine Umayam’s dedication to improving the lives of children all over the world continues to be an inspiration and a credit to the state of Washington and to her fellow Americans.”


August 2011 – Child United founder chosen by the Filipino community and Pinoy Reporter as winner of ‘Youth Leadership’ for her work with children locally and overseas.


December 2010 – NW Asian Weekly recognizes Umayam as a ‘Top Contributor of the Asian Community’ in its awards ceremony December 4, 2010.


June 2010 – Women in Small Business honors Christine Umayam with a ‘Women’s Choice Leadership Award.’



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Serving Mogul Media Minds as a media strategist for multiple businesses and people:

“My company Three Step Dating has been recognized locally and nationally because of Christine’s knowledge and connections in PR and media. Her company has supported me and my business in growing, learning and making a profit from media. In business that is key! Thank you Christine Umayam.” Renessa Rios, Author, Dating Coach, and Matchmaker of Three Step Dating
“We at A Dog’s Life Doggy Daycare found Christine when we were looking to find some kind of exposure for our new business. After meeting with Christine we were very excited about so many of her ideas and thoughts. One in particular really had us pumped. Christine has so many contacts in so many areas that she was able to reach out and coordinate a local tv station to come out and feature us on a morning show. Needless to say we would never have been able to get that type of coverage if did not have the help of Mogul Media. Thanks Christine for all of your help.” Chris Bias, Founder/Owner of Dog’s Life Doggy Daycare
“The Short and Simple version is: Christine is Awesome!!!! We could not have accomplished what we did without her help.” Jon Knight and Tara Cote, Parents of Leslie Cote (Media representation for their daughter, a victim of bullying. Their story led to national media exposure including the TODAY Show, CNN with Dr. Drew, Inside Edition and numerous Seattle media outlets.)


Serving Web Producer for Tribune Broadcasting:

“When Christine puts her mind to something it will get done. Her passion and ability to make something happen sets her apart from everyone else. She is a leader and a self-starter and someone I value and look forward to working with every chance I get.” Jaime McBroom, Tribune Broadcasting


Serving Child United as founder/volunteer and child advocate:

“Christine is an extraordinary visionary, leader, and mentor. Her business acumen is exceeded only by her dedication to helping others succeed.” Casey Hills, Former Child United Director
“Christine’s drive and passion to build the brand of Child United and help educate misfortuned children is infectious. I admire Christine for giving up her own pleasures to help others. She has god-given leadership abilties and her forcus and determination is also to be valued. She is a creative thinker who has dedicated her life to help children that can’t help themselves. I would recommend Christine to any and all that is looking for someone with this type of character.” Amit Sharma, Former Child United Director


Child United has received national and local media recognition for its work overseas.  The non-profit has helped children in the Philippines, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Japan and India.  Christine has also been recognized nationally by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society in 2011.

“Umayam has helped thousands of the poorest children, who are susceptible to sex trafficking and child labor, by sponsoring children who want to learn, building learning centers and sending educational supplies abroad. Christine Umayam’s dedication to improving the lives of children all over the world continues to be an inspiration and a credit to the state of Washington and to her fellow Americans.” Congressional Medal of Honor Society for the ‘Citizens Before Self Award’ March 2011.



Shows were created by Christine from concept to production to completion. Christine led a team of editors, writers and voiceover talent to produce the most successful original show series for MSN.


The following shows were created and promoted through Microsoft’s MSN and Bing networks.  Videos delivered an average of 12 million streams per month, exceeding all company expectations and becoming the most profitable original shows for MSN/Bing.


Video Production of the following original shows:

1) Caught on Camera (the best of viral videos)
2) Tripsters (travel-related series)
3) Whatever Happened to (look at the past and where they are now)
4) Sex Files (health-related look at sex)
5) Life FUN full-filled (the best, most fun jobs)
6) Mad Science (the weird scientific look at things)
7) Undercover Secrets (providing behind the scenes money topics)
8) Healthy You (general health topics for women)
9) To the Extremes (the most extreme look at the world)
10) To Bizarre to Believe (reporting the most bizarre people, places and things)
11) Nerdology (anything nerdy or sci-fi)
12) Weekly Strange (most successful show showcasing the paranormal)
13) History of (look at where things started)
14) In Pictures (general topics)


Videos produced/voiced and written by Christine (click on image for video):

The best of dashcam videos



Memorable Ad Jingles


Unusual Places Worth Visiting


Shows produced by Christine:

Caught on Camera videos


Tripsters video



Websites created by Christine (click on image for website):


Dulce Lash Lounge


Dulce Lash Lounge is a small business providing women with skincare/lash needs.  Website design and graphics created by Christine.


Child United website


Child United is a non-profit providing children with educational opportunities.  Web design and graphics creation done by Christine.


Pumpkin Xtraordinaire


Pumpkin Xtradinaire provides consumers with pumpkin carving advice from national expert.  Website creation done by Christine.


Wildcliffe Manor event website


Working website for events/wedding location.  Website creation and graphics by Christine.