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Reason one

We are former journalists and producers. We love to dig into a story and produce a compelling product. It’s in our blood. We live, breathe and love creative media.

Reason two

After years of video production, we’ve seen on-camera rookies make the same mistakes. We want to empower you and develop the confidence you need to make your on-camera presence memorable.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

We want to save you money. We’ve seen many companies hire PR companies to advertise their ‘story’ for thousands of dollars. We are a team with experience in the media. We know how stories are picked. We want to give you our knowledge.

Our Work

We’ve helped people improve their on-camera skills, develop their stories and produce remarkable video.

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What our clients say

“My company has been recognized locally and nationally because of Christine’s knowledge and connections in PR and media. Her company has supported me and my business in growing, learning and making a profit from media. In business that is key!”

Renessa Rios | Founder, Three Step Dating

“The Short and Simple version is: Christine is Awesome!!!! We could not have accomplished what we did without her help.” Media representation: Their story led to national media exposure including the TODAY Show, CNN with Dr. Drew, Inside Edition and numerous Seattle media outlets.

Jon | Crisis Communication Story

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